A Lot of Tale about Kelud Mountain


A long long ago, there is a King name Brawijaya King reigns on Majapahit Kingdom. He had a daughter names Diah Ayu Pusparani. She is a beautiful princess that had skin like silk, eyes like diamond and face like full moon. Many prince had proposed to married her, but the king not rejected them with frontal.

He thinking very hard, how to rejected them and finally he got a idea. He declared a contest about who can stretch Kyai Garudayeksa’s magic bow and lift Kyai Sekardelima’s Gong, so he can get married with princess. This contest announced to nationwide and a neighbour kingdom.

The day is beginning, all participant around the kingdom that collect in the kingdom’s field. And they begin to used their power to fullfill the chalenged. And many accident happened, many of them had broke his arm or his waist. And none of them can fullfil the chalenged.
When the king just to close the day, a man with cow head come along that wish to join in the contest.

“My Lord. Could I join in this Contest??” Young Man’s Wish
“Young man. Who are you??” Ask King
“My name is Lembu Sura” said a Young man (lembu = cow .red)

A King thinking that a young man could not fullfil the contest. So he permit the young man to join as last participant.

“Okey! You can join this contest” Said King

With his power, he can strecth the bow lightly. And he came to the gong, to lift it. A spectator very nervous to know can he lift the gong? And finally, he can lift it. All spectator give him applaused. But the princess just silented. Her heart is very sad and she almost cryed.

“I would not get married to the man with Cow head” Said princess while running to the castle.

But king said that the princess should married Lembu Sura because he win the contest. The princess just would not to married Lembu Sura, so he proposed requirement to Lembu Sura.

“Lembu Sura. If you would married me you should make well in top of Kelud Mountain.” Said Princess
“Ok. Princess. I will do it.” Said Lembu Sura

And Lembu Sura begin digging and digging. He can easily digging the well and just for moment he can finished the job.

“Dad. I can’t married Lembu Sura” ask Princess

And king can’t see his daughter sad. So he ask the soldier to bury the Lembu Sura with big rock.

“Bury him with big rock. Quick… Quick…!!!” Said King
“Please… please… don’t bury me in this Well” Ask Lembu Sura

But the soldier ignored the Lembu Sura’s cry. Just keep bury and bury. With the broken heart Lembu Sura give the curse to the KIng.

“Kediri mbesuk bakal pethuk piwalesku sing makaping kaping yaiku Kediri bakal dadi kali, Blitar dadi Latar, Tulungagung bakal dadi Kedung”
“One day, Kediri will get the big punished that is Kediri will be River, Blitar will be land, and Tulungagung will be deep water”

The king very affraid about the cursed. So he begin to pray to the Kelud Mountain to prevent the curse. But many incident always connected to this curse and every Kelud Mountain exploded, people always connected with the Lembu Sura’s angrier.

All of you don’t be affraid because its just a tale, you can believe it or not is in your hand. But one thing you should know, Kelud Moutain is very beautiful place in East Java and I hope and I hope you can go there. Many other beautiful place can be found in East Java like Bromo Mountain, Irenggolo Waterfall, White Sand beach, Prigi Beach and soon.




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